Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook (review)

Beyond the awesome photos, Prodigy talks about the resourcefulness of people in prison who want to improve through eating better.

The things Prodigy shares in this "cookbook" were made with 2 toaster ovens, a microwave and a whole lot of butter/sugar.   

I really enjoyed reading this "cookbook", it was 115 pages with a few good prison stories to set the stage for the featured dishes.

“eating right, will have you thinking right, which will have you living right”
— my takeaway from Commissary Kitchen

I recommend you buy this book if you are:

  • familiar with Prodigy and his other books (My Infamous Life/ H.N.I.C )
  • curious to see how people eat, cook and survive mentally in prison
  • want to try making & eating prison meals
  • support a person of color in sharing his message to humanize the prison experience